It goes without saying that we at Basingstoke Choral Society enjoy our singing;  we enjoy learning and performing the music we love but, the fight against COVID-19 must come first.  In line with government instructions we have suspended all  physical rehearsals and so far we have had to cancel five concerts.  But, we are working hard behind the scenes in virtual online rehearsals getting ready for our next concert which we now hope will be in July 2021; we also hope to start meeting in small groups if we can find a safe way to do so.  Be assured, we will be back when the country has emerged from this, whenever that will be, bringing live choral music to Basingstoke and the surrounding area.  And of course if you feel like joining our choir then we are still accepting new members even if you have to take part on-line for the time being.  Just go to the Contact Us link in the menu.

Basingstoke Choral Society is an amateur choir but we rely on professional musicians and singers to support us in our concerts and rehearsals.  Please spare a thought for them at this time.  The majority of them are self employed and they now find themselves without any work.  The country will need them more than ever after COVID19 if we are to get back to normal.

Keep safe everyone. 

Tony de Jong

Chair of Basingstoke Choral Society